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Hillary Fans Lose Their Minds After Vanity Fair Suggests She Learn to Knit

Hillary Fans Lose Their Minds After Vanity Fair Suggests She Learn to Knit

How dare they!

Oh boy. The diehard fans of failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have unleashed their claws and attacked Vanity Fair after the publication issued a video to persuade her to retire.

They had the nerve to suggest she learn to knit.

From HuffPo:

The video is part of a series in which Hive staffers give politicians six New Year’s resolutions. The series has videos dedicated to White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and President Donald Trump.

But Clinton’s video appears to have evoked the biggest reaction. And that may have to do with its timing. The video was tweeted less than a week after political news site The Hill reported that Clinton was focusing on elevating her political group Onward Together and considering her role in the 2018 congressional elections.

Many people were offended by Hive’s condescending tone, especially considering Clinton’s extensive political résumé. Others argued that the video was flat-out sexist.

OH JUST LAUGH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Sexist? Do they not realize that there are females out there like me who have a handicapped hand and would love to learn to knit, but cannot due to the handicap?

These people even started the hashtag #CancelVanityFair on Twitter.

Get over yourselves and laugh.


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the FAB will never take up knitting: you have to be s*ber to do it right. 😎

This is one of the Democratic Party’s biggest problems, and it’s been in evidence for decades: they cannot get rid of entrenched, corrupt politicians in their ranks. Not even if they’re saddled with a clear record of failure.

That picture looks like she just saw a fresh bottle of vodka.

Hillary fans are not exactly the most stable lot.

Knit 1…. stagger… seize… pearl 2. Knit 1… sip…slur…pearl 2.

“So confused…”

Why, yes. Yes, you are.

“If it weren’t for Clinton and her compatriots, those millennial twits wouldn’t have all the opportunities they have today.”

Is that a joke? Name ONE THING that HRC “broke ground on” for women. One.

    alaskabob in reply to Paul. | December 27, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    “broke ground on”… true, none for women but at least four graves from Benghazi.

      Exiliado in reply to alaskabob. | December 27, 2017 at 1:42 pm

      And then there is this list of coincidences where people about to testify against the clingons killed themselves right before giving their testimonies.

    BrokeGopher in reply to Paul. | December 27, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Well, she was the first woman to be a major-party nominee for president, though the means by which she achieved that were hardly a model for young women to follow.

In addition to knitting and croquette-ing, she’s upped her game at baking cookies (as they cool they’re placed on some of her newly-knitted place mats whose color matches her kitchen floor), and baking generally, Her favorite show is now The Great British Baking Show. (She’s angling to appear as a guest but things aren’t going too well as she insists that she must come out the winner no matter what.)

She’s learned how to use the internet, scooping up through ebay a full line of June Cleaver’s house dresses and pearls which she wears, not only around the house, but to do the grocery shopping. Hillary likes June’s choice of heels, particular when she hangs Bill’s laundry on her outdoor clothes lines.

Personally, I think adulating a politician who has never won a competitive race, and elevating a woman as the epitome of the feminist ideal who has savagely attacked the reputation of sexual assault and rape victims to run interference for her sexual predator husband and who would never have been anything beyond a lawyer and maybe a small-time judge if she hadn’t married a man destined to be president is slight pathetic.

Mock knitting all you want, VF. Then when you have finished, try this: try drafting and designing a pattern, try swatching it–with different needles/yarns, then take said stitch pattern and turn it into a dress of linen, like I did. Do you think it is easy? Do you think it takes no intelligence?
Certainly, it would take no math skills, and even less patience. /
Oh, and make sure it fits the very picky customer on the very first try.

Although I never agreed with her politics, when she first became a national figure I admired her as a feminist who had built a successful career independent of her husband’s, instead of attaching herself to his career as so many spouses of important people do. Until it became apparent that the success of her supposed career was built largely on laundering her husband’s bribes. I mean, c’mon now, what kind of feminist is that? Isn’t doing her husband’s laundry one of the most traditional wifely duties?

So if Hillary has consistently been voted the most admired woman in America 21 times with about 15-20% of the vote, doesn’t that also mean that on average 80-85% of Americans do not?

I bet that knitting would be a great way for Hillary to pass the time while in prison.

…the dangerous monster who’s actually president and destroying America?

Destroying America? I wonder how many countries around the world would like to have their economies destroyed, the way the U.S. economy is being destroyed?

Oh,wait! Maybe he means how President Trump is destroying Obama’s legacy of destruction of this country. One man’s destroying, is another man’s MAGA.

Maybe they’re upset because they figure Hillary would probably fail at knitting, too. She’s failed at pretty much everything except (1) running a government corruption machine, and (2) staying out of jail.

DieJustAsHappy | December 27, 2017 at 2:03 pm

Vanity Fair has got to be kidding. Don’t they realize Hillary would never make a-go of it knitting ’cause she’d keep all the “pearls”!

Farken hell some of those posters are delusional!

I really hope she runs again just so we can watch her being buried again by President Trump. It will be delicious hahahahaha 🙂

    I seriously doubt the Dims will nominate her again. It would be fun though to watch her get thoroughly humiliated again in their primary.

It’s actually good advice. Beats making license plates…

This funny because I learned to knit in 2008 when the Obama campaign called Hillary’s supporters who refused to support him “bitter knitters”. I got invited to join a Bitter Knitters group and discovered I liked to knit.

Who do you suppose would win the most detested woman in America? Hillary, or Hanoi Jane?


C’Mon, it would be fantastic if ‘ol corrupt, sick and decrepit Hill ran again. We should all encourage her.

I wanna see her bobble head trying to read answers provided on rigged podiums, fall over and face plant during a debate or head spin 360 degrees spewing green soup.

She would sooooo easy to beat a second time but her continual flailing would be fun to watch.

She could be half dead in a wheelchair abd that wouldn’t stop her… “… The presidency is MINE, cough, cough, cough, (bobble bobble bobble), haaaack…. MIIIINE!!! …cough”

That could be her next slogan.

“Roll her in” (picture of half dead Hill smiling in wheelchair )

“We’re with her ” (2 agents prop up Hill corpse like weekend at Bernie’s)

It would be awesome!!!

Classical Allusion to Madame Defarge in the headline?

She should go to school, and learn how to run a political campaign.

Discord will not be tolerated!

Hillary klinton should be doing laundry in a prison.

The longer this cancer on our society remains unindicted, he more solidified a two-tier justice system becomes in our nation.

Like this, for example:
DOJ scolds Obama administration over reported groping, harassment, office sex:

Enough ‘scoldings, Swamp Sessions. We want indictments.

Lock. Her. Far. Ass. Up.

I think she should keep right on losing.

Would the whinebarfs who complained about this article approve had the suggestion been hot rod diesel machanic?

There’s a theory that the human race has gotten dumber, that we peaked during the Renaissance, cuz advances in our civilization now protect the idiots who would have self-selected out of the gene pool.

So perhaps all the advances in mental health treatment can explain the hysteria of the Democrats – in the previous era they would have been institutionalised, but due to psychotropic medications they are functional enough to remain in society and normalize their madness.

Sorry, but I have to agree with the lesbian horde on this one. You DON’T tell them to go knit.