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Hampshire College Cancels Speech by Black Female Campus Carry Activist

Hampshire College Cancels Speech by Black Female Campus Carry Activist

“Administrators are now apologizing”

Hampshire College in Massachusetts makes Berkeley look like a conservative think tank. It’s amazing that they even initially agreed to host this speech.

Truth Revolt reports:

Hampshire College Abruptly Canceled 2nd Amendment Speech, Apologizes

A conservative speaker was all set to go Wednesday for a campus speech on the Second Amendment when Hampshire College officials decided to pull the plug. Administrators are now apologizing and assure it had nothing to do with the message.

Antonia Okafor, a self-described campus carry activist, said on Twitter that she was told two hours before she was to start that her speech, “Female Empowerment and the Second Amendment,” was canceled. She was told the subject matter was “very controversial” and noted this was the same school that deemed the U.S. flag too controversial:

Okafor also confirmed on Twitter that the event was pre-approved.

Hampshire College has since apologized for the cancelation and released the following statement:

“We did not cancel the speech because of the speaker, the subject of the speech, or the content. Hampshire College values academic freedom and the careful examination of ideas, including when those ideas may be controversial.”


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When your precepts and principle ideas cannot stand up to honest questioning and debate, you just eliminate the expression of opposing views. Too many of the “snowflakes” will just go along in near perfect ignorance and believe that their fragile beliefs are somehow correct.

Too bad reality will strike shortly after graduation, $25,000 in student loan debt, a degree that is unmarketable, living in the basement and going to work fast food in the “hood” without any means to defend yourself, because “Guns are Bad.”

To the Left, diversity is purely cosmetic. If you’re Black, Hispanic, Gay, LGBT, or WHATEVER and don’t toe the Left wing party line, you’re as good as straight and white.

When the Bill of Rights is controversial, you are dealing with fascism, by its very definition. Rule by dictation or single party.