Georgetown turned down previous unionization requests by grad students so they’re bringing in the big guns.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Georgetown graduate students to file with National Labor Relations Board in unionization fight

Georgetown University graduate students are doubling down after school officials formally declined to acknowledge the creation of a graduate student union, which would have negotiated benefits for graduate students at the university if approved, by preparing to file with the National Labor Relations Board.

Last week, Georgetown University Provost Robert Groves informed members of the Graduate Alliance of Graduate Employees, or GAGE — a group of Georgetown students who have been pushing for official acknowledgment of their organization as a union for nearly a year — that the university would not recognize graduate students as university employees protected under its Just Employment Policy.

Students took to Georgetown University’s Red Square, a designated free-speech zone named for its brick pavement, to rally against the decision. They planted 800 flags in the ground, representing the 800 graduate workers at Georgetown who are being denied worker status, coverage by the Just Employment Policy, and collective bargaining rights.

The faculty has also joined in the protest, drafting a letter in support of GAGE which has garnered more than 35 faculty signatures.