He’ll be lucky if all he has to do is pay back the money.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former NYU Researcher Charged With Using Federal Grant Dollars On Trips With Ballet Dancer

A former New York University researcher — whose previous psychiatric studies were terminated after an investigation found he falsified records and endangered patients — was charged Tuesday with spending tens of thousands of tax dollars on trips with a ballet dancer and on bar tabs.

Alexander Neumeister, while working for NYU, used funds from the college and from National Institutes of Health to visit the dancer in Salt Lake City and bankrolled her travel to New York to see him at least four times, according to the complaint filed in federal court. Neumeister didn’t need to travel to Salt Lake City for his research.

He also used NYU and NIH money to fund his travel to Chicago to watch the dancer perform in “Sleeping Beauty,” to pay for their trip from New York to Miami and to pay for other expenses, such as bar tabs and lodging , according to the complaint.

Neumeister also bought the dancer lunches and an iPhone and claimed she was a research participant. He also flew his wife to Austria and his wife and kids to Vermont using tax dollars.