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Duke Student Newspaper Frets Over Lack of Female Basketball Managers

Duke Student Newspaper Frets Over Lack of Female Basketball Managers

“Where’s the female managers??”

Witness the sad life of the identity politics bean counter. Can you imagine seeing life through this lens?

The College Fix reports:

Duke student paper concerned: Why no female managers on men’s basketball team?

As we live in a world where the percentage of “historically marginalized” populations must — must — be improved no matter the situation, the #1 ranked Duke men’s basketball team is facing the ire of the school paper for not having any … women managers.

The managers “are easy to notice if you’re watching the Blue Devils in the stands,” writes The Chronicle’s Sam Turken.

“At every timeout,” Turken writes, “the managers dash onto the court with one handing a clipboard to head coach Mike Krzyzewski and the others giving the players Gatorade and towels. They usually all dress similarly with each wearing black slacks, black Nike sneakers and a blue, black or white collared shirt with a Duke logo.

“But in recent years, another feature has been glaring—they’re all men.”

“Glaring”! Indeed. You’re in the stands watching the best team in the country, but you’re wondering … “Where’s the female managers??”

According to the story, manager positions for the b-ball squad are open to both men and women, and the latter have occupied spots in the past. However, there hasn’t been a female manager since the 2014-15 season.


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I cannot believe this. Do these people realize that in about a billion years the Andromeda galaxy will come crashing into our very own Milky Way with likely disastrous results for the Earth and they are worried about something so trivial as female basketball managers? My Word! When are these people going to get some decent and sensible perspective on what’s important?

Why do the never fret about the number of female garbage collectors?