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Derailed Amtrak Train Traveled at 80MPH in 30MPH Zone

Derailed Amtrak Train Traveled at 80MPH in 30MPH Zone

Three people died in the accident.

Three people died in an Amtrak accident near Seattle on Monday when the train derailed near the highway. Authorities have launched an investigation and so far have found it was going 80MPH in a 30MPH zone. From The Wall Street Journal:

The Amtrak train that derailed in Washington state Monday was traveling at 80 miles an hour in a zone with a posted speed limit of 30 mph, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board said.

Officials have launched an investigation into what caused the train to derail on its inaugural run on a new route, leaving three people dead. More than 70 people were sent to hospitals, some with critical injuries.

“It’s too early to tell” why the train was traveling at that speed, board member Bella Dinh-Zarr said upon arriving at the Seattle-Tacoma airport late Monday local time.

The speed was obtained from data recording from the train’s rear locomotive, Ms. Dinh-Zarr said, adding the chief investigator was now at the scene of the crash.

The accident sent 12 train cars and an engine careening off the tracks; some of the cars dangled over Interstate 5, a major highway south of Seattle.

Crews began the difficult task Monday evening of disassembling the train cars. Workers operating cranes and other large machinery were moving into position to begin the work of clearing the wreckage from the highway and the train tracks. Part of the train is still hanging over the edge of an overpass and onto the highway.


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Amtrak is, no doubt, the United States’ version of Air Koryo without the wings.

As I said in a previous post, I have yet to see a single thing that the government does better than the private sector.
(Except steal and waste money)
Snollygosters, one and all. . .