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Defecting North Korean Soldier has anthrax antibodies in bloodstream

Defecting North Korean Soldier has anthrax antibodies in bloodstream

North Korean regime rejects claims about bioweapons research as “groundless”.

Just before Christmas, Legal Insurrection noted reports that North Korea was loading potentially deadly anthrax bacteria onto intercontinental ballistic missiles as part of a biological weapons test program.

The stated goal is to eventually deliver a payload of deadly pathogens to the United States. The challenge facing the North Koreans is that the heat generated from the missiles launch, flight, and strike is deadly to the lifeforms on board.

However, biological weapons have distinct advantages over nuclear ones. The materials for their construction tend to be inexpensive, and their detonation tends not to leave radioactive fallout or collapse a mountain on critical research personnel.

It appears the rogue nation’s bioweapons program may be quite robust. One of the four North Korean soldiers who defected has been found to have anthrax antibodies.

A North Korean soldier who defected to the South has been found to have anthrax antibodies in his bloodstream, local news reports.

The unidentified soldier, believed to be the man who defected in November this year, would have been either exposed to or vaccinated against anthrax before he defected to South Korea.

‘Anthrax antibodies have been found in the North Korean soldier who defected this year,’ a South Korean intelligence official told local news network Channel A according to UPI.

So, the soldier was either very lucky (The mortality rates from anthrax range between 25% and 80%) or is part of an elite program, as anthrax vaccination consists of a series of shots and requires annual boosters.

Despite the claims of the North Korean regime that the concerns about anthrax weapons was “groundless”, defense experts are deeply concerned.

Former assistant defense secretary Andrew Weber warned about how dangerous the weapons could be if developed by Kim Jong-un.

He said: “The Soviet Union did have warheads that were designed for biological weapons on long-range missiles.

“But it is really not necessary, you could deliver an anthrax attack in Los Angeles or Miami or New York, covertly and have a strategic impact and kill tens or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people.”

Meanwhile, North Korea missile developers have been hit by US sanctions.

The US has placed sanctions on two North Korean officials it says have led the development of nuclear missiles.

The US treasury named the two men as Kim Jong-sik and Ri Pyong-chol, and said both were “key leaders” of North Korea’s ballistic missile programme.

…North Korea said the move was “an act of war” and tantamount to a total economic blockade.

The new US sanctions will block any transactions by the two men carried out in the US, essentially freezing any American assets they may have.

Between the worms and the antibodies, it is no wonder that Kim Jong Un is worried about defecting soldiers and citizens. Their bodies contain clear evidence of the brutal priorities of his sick regime.


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Or maybe the guy has been exposed because North Korea is unsanitary.

    Granny in reply to Matt_SE. | December 27, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    Anthrax exposure has nothing whatever to do with sanitation. In the wild it is most commonly carried on sheep fleeces and animal skins. In fact, there is a parking lot in New Hampshire over what was once a woolen mill that became contaminated by anthrax. Since the bacteria form spores in hard times that can last decades, there was no way to remedy the situation other than by knocking down the mill and burying it under yards of dirt and pavement.

buckeyeminuteman | December 27, 2017 at 10:11 am

Certainly an interesting story. Wondering if all NORK soldiers are vaccinated or just certain ones, and why? US military members going to certain parts of the world are also vaccinated against Anthrax, for obvious reasons. Not sure how long those antibodies stick around for though. Since the NORKs don’t deploy around the world, the reason for the antibodies is suspicious.

“…either very lucky … or is part of an elite program…”

Surely their elite soldiers aren’t infected with multiple parasites, right?

So another scenario might be that their anthrax program is so advanced that even the lowly worm-infected grunts get vaccinated for it.

    4th armored div in reply to Paul. | December 27, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    OR this guy wasn’t a ‘lowly grunt’ but a guy smart enough to know what is REALLY going on and wants no part of it.

    you pays yer money an takes yer cherce, donha know …..

Or he was exposed at some point.

This is something right down Mueller’s alley. He did so well with his last anthrax investigation that he needs to look into this and find the “real” culprit in Central America. Obviously, Mueller doesn’t subscribe to the Marine creed of Death Before Dishonor.

    4th armored div in reply to Firewatch. | December 27, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Comey, Mueller bungled big anthrax case together

    giving links is a nice way to make your point

      4th armored div in reply to 4th armored div. | December 27, 2017 at 12:30 pm

      from the link
      ….’In March 2004, Comey, then deputy attorney general, sped with sirens blazing to the hospital bedside of his boss, John Ashcroft, who was recovering from gallbladder surgery. At the time, the Justice Department was being pressured by White House counsel Alberto Gonzales and Chief of Staff Andrew Card to sign papers reauthorizing a secret anti-terrorism domestic surveillance program initiated after 9/11. The clock was running out and the papers had to be signed or the program would lapse. But Comey, who had a dim view of the program’s constitutionality, wouldn’t do it. When he heard Gonzales and Card were on their way to the hospital, Comey rushed there, too, to stop them.’

      so much for trusting ‘apolitical’ Feebs.

…and that’s what we have gained in 40 years of appeasement.

“The stated goal is to eventually deliver a payload of deadly pathogens to the United States. The challenge facing the North Koreans is that the heat generated from the missiles launch, flight, and strike”

Surely it would be more effective to just have someone sneak into the USA with the bio-weapon, and just walk it to Times Square (or the Capitol, etc.)?

It’s not as if the borders are exactly impervious, and it surely eliminates the problem of designing and building a suitable ICBM re-entry vehicle.