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Community Organizer Groups Urge U. Chicago to Pay Slavery Reparations

Community Organizer Groups Urge U. Chicago to Pay Slavery Reparations

“The University of Chicago is founded by slaveholders”

Community organizers are apparently still big fans of wealth redistribution. Who could have guessed?

The College Fix reports:

Groups demand University of Chicago pay slavery reparations

A group of community organizers met at the University of Chicago last Tuesday and “urged” the school to “make amends” for its past ties to slavery.

The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, or N’COBRA, held a “Rally for Reparations” outside the campus’s main administrative building, followed by a press conference at City Hall where it presented a letter “demanding reparatory justice.”

The Chicago Maroon reports N’COBRA was joined by the Reparations at UChicago Working Group, whose research concluded the university should pay restitution due to its ties to 19th century politician Stephen Douglas.

Douglas’s land grant to the original university was “bankrolled by profits from his slave plantation.”

“The University of Chicago is founded by slaveholders and the labor of enslaved people can actually be traced through the years,” said Guy Emerson Mount, one of researchers. “The labor of enslaved people actually translates into buildings, endowments, and real hard material resources.”


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“Reparations Working Group” sounds distinctly oxymoronic.

Those victims of slavery must be very old by now.

Do they have a dollar amount in mind, for the “reparatory justice”? Or is it “the more, the merrier”? If all they want is an acknowledgment of their claims, they shouldn’t care if the reparation is $1, or $1 million dollars.

So, just give each one a dollar, and a heartfelt apology.

Now … without Senator Stephen Douglas, there would have been no Kansas-Nebraska Act … therefore, no Republican Party … and no President Abraham Lincoln … and no Emancipation Proclamation.

So, who should be paying whom, here?

Tom_swift, If we expand your thought, maybe I can support a reparation bill. Tax every Democrat because of their support of slavery, give every Republican and every black American and Native American a share in the taxes collected.