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Colleges Hire LGBTQ Administrators in Record Numbers

Colleges Hire LGBTQ Administrators in Record Numbers

Social justice bureaucrats.

If there’s one thing higher education needs, it’s more pointless, highly paid administrators.

The Daily Caller reports:

Colleges Hiring ‘LGBTQ Administrators’ In Dramatic Numbers

College and universities across the country are hiring administrators in record numbers — all to deal specifically with LGBTQ issues.

Syracuse University, for instance, posted a job listing online in November for the “Director of the LGBT Resource Center,” to support “LGBTQQIA” students and “people with marginalized genders and sexualities.” Some responsibilities listed for the position include “Educational Outreach” and “Collaboration and Advocacy.”

Qualifications listed for Syracuse’s would-be director include extensive knowledge of “social justice, and LGBTQQIA identities, cultures, experiences and development theories,” as well as a “Strong commitment to social justice and understanding of intersectional identities and experiences.”

The successful candidate would earn between $54,089 and $163,784 per year and oversee a $320,000 budget.

Applicants for the “Associate Director of LGBT Services” at University of California Santa Barbara in June would serve “as a resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, questioning and ally members of the University community.”

Additionally, the associate director would meet with students to assist them in resolving “emotional, academic, interpersonal, and crisis-level issues related to their identity, perceived identity, or conflict resulting from hate or bias,” and earn $51,181 – $61,449 per year.


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Setting them up for failure, both in terms of job prospects and actual learning.

Yep, just what colleges need: gay political commissars.