It all started Wednesday when CNN reporters hid in the bushes of a Florida golf course to film President Trump golfing.

Later, their attempts to obtain footage from a sidewalk were foiled by a large white truck which appeared to be strategically parked.

And it was all downhill from there.

Because getting footage of Trump slicing a drive is essential news, CNN was determined to get to the bottom of the TruckParkingGate, convinced the truck was parked purposely to prevent them from filming the president.

Even devoting air time to TruckParkingGate:

Local authorities say it wasn’t their doing:

But they did find the white truck’s stunt double Thursday!

Then they learned Trump closed the course to let members of the Coast Guard play:

But still went out of their way to confirm the stunt double was, in fact, the original shot-blocking truck:

And kept stalking Trump:

Even though they claim this is all par for the course:

Thanks for keeping viewers abreast of important news, guys. Great work.


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