Is there any issue more sacred to the left than abortion? One Democrat in California wants abortion pills ready on demand at state schools.

The Daily Caller reports:

California Dem Wants To Mandate State Colleges Have Abortion Pills Ready For Students

California lawmakers are debating whether to adopt a bill that would require the state’s public universities and colleges to offer abortion drugs at their health centers.

Senate Bill 320, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Connie Leyva, will mandate that the state’s community colleges and public universities provide women with abortion pills for up to 10 weeks of pregnancy so they don’t face the “burden” of traveling to obtain an abortion.

While the bill — if passed — isn’t set to take effect until 2020, it would also require the state’s public university health centers that don’t already offer abortion pills to provide transportation to an abortion facility or to arrange an abortion for students requesting the procedure.

“If a UC, CSU or community college already has a student health center, it makes sense that they provide this health care service within that facility so that students do not have to travel many miles away from their work and school commitments in order to [have an abortion],” Leyva said according to LifeNews. She claims the bill is a necessity so that young collegiate women don’t have to foot the cost of abortions themselves or travel long distances to have abortions.

[Featured Image: Photo Illustration by Michael Uribes / The Collegian]


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