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Anti-Regime Protests Break Out Across Iran

Anti-Regime Protests Break Out Across Iran

Protesters chant ‘Death to the dictator’ and ‘Death to Rouhani’ – but will it end the same way as the 2009 Green Revolution?

Thousands of protesters took to the streets across Iran. Demonstrations began Thursday when hundreds protested against high prices and shouted anti-government slogans Iran’s second-largest city, Mashhad.

The crowds drilled to chant ‘death to America’ went off the script and demanded the end of the Islamic regime instead. Videos show Iranians chanting ‘Death to the dictator’ and ‘Death to Rouhani’.

According to media reports, the protests have now spread to at least eight other cities. “Police forces intervened on Friday to disperse protesters shouting anti-government slogans in Iran’s western city of Kermanshah, a day after similar protests in the country’s northeast,” Reuters reported, quoting Iran’s state-run Fras news agency.

Protesters chant ‘Death to the dictator’ and ‘Death to Rouhani:

The Mullah regime responded to protests by arresting dissidents and using riot police against the demonstrators. Arrests were reported in the Iranian capital Tehran as well. Muslim clerics, the backbone of the regime, urged Tehran crush the dissent before things get out of hand. Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post quoted a senior cleric close to the Iranian government:

A top cleric in Iran’s second largest city of Mashhad called for tough action by security forces after hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against high prices and shouted anti-government slogans, state news agency IRNA said on Friday. (…)

Political protests are rare in Iran. But demonstrations are often held by workers over layoffs or non-payment of salaries and people who hold deposits in non-regulated bankrupt financial institutions.

“If the security and law enforcement agencies leave the rioters to themselves, enemies will publish films and pictures in their media and say that the Islamic Republic system has lost its revolutionary base in Mashhad,” IRNA quoted prominent conservative cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda as saying.

The Iranian regime is determined to avoid the repeat of the anti-government protests, also known as the Green Revolution, that took place eight years ago. The popular movement began in 2009 when protesters took to the streets demanding the removal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office following a rigged presidential election. Despite massive suppression by the regime, the protests went on for three more years.

Demonstrators chant “Death of freedom” in Kermanshah:

President Obama, busy cementing his ‘legacy’ with a Nuclear Deal with the Iranian regime, refused to show any support for the pro-democracy movement in Iran. He even threw a lifeline the Iranian regime at a time when international sanctions were finally beginning to show results.

As columnist Eli Lake explained, writing for the Bloomberg, “Obama wasn’t just reluctant to show solidarity in 2009, he feared the demonstrations would sabotage his secret outreach to Iran.”

“Obama from the beginning of his presidency tried to turn the country’s ruling clerics from foes to friends,” Lake added.

President Obama’s Nuclear Deal allowed Iran access to assets frozen in the US to the tune of $100 billion. The Obama administration even shipped $1.7 billion in cash to the regime, described as ‘settlement of old legal claim.’

With President Trump in office, those cash payments seem to have stopped. Buoyed by the cash flow thanks to Obama-Kerry Nuclear Deal, regime overstretched itself militarily, funding and manning pro-Iranian militia in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Tehran even resumed aid to the Gaza-based Islamist terror outfit Hamas — Hezbollah’s estranged evil Sunni twin, patching up ties strained by Iran’s intervention in the Syrian conflict.

Iran’s Mullah, dreaming up plans to wrestle control of the ummah, the worldwide Muslim community, have been woken up to the fragility of their own hold on power. With Obama out of office, Iranian regime will be facing a hostile US administration this time as they go about crushing yet another popular uprising at home.

Raw Video: Iranian Riot Police clamp down on the protesters in the city of Kermanshah:

[Cover image via YouTube]


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Humphrey's Executor | December 29, 2017 at 1:57 pm

Hopefully, Trump will find a way to exploit this.

    Whatever Trumps decides to do will be decidedly different than what Obama failed to do. Obama of course had the chance of a lifetime in 2009 to help the people of Iran. But his aim was never the Iranian people, but rather to help the Iran State. Remember Jarrett, an Iranian by birth, had his ear constantly. Both of them are highly inspired by Islam. Right from the 2009 start of his term Obama was making invitations to Iran, finally giving Iran the help he insisted the USA give Iran with that disastrous 2015 deal. Obama is a through-and-through evil individual who surrounded himself with really dirty people.

    Perhaps he will tweet his approval and call for a boycott.

What can be done to help them?

I remember watching Neda, the beautiful, young music student bleeding to death in the streets during the last revolution. And I do remember reading a lot about how Obama could have helped them rebel and didn’t (Valerie Jarrett was born there, after all). But what I don’t know is how much (or how little) Trump can help them because each time and situation is different and we can’t know the intricacies behind the scenes.

I know Trump, unlike Obama, will be on their side.

Or is this a fake revolt to out the opposition… like…say.. what Turkey had?

Cause another middle east government to collapse? What could possibly go wrong?

Quickly distribute phone images and videos showing IRI goons beating people. Pressure the greedy German and French corporations that swooped into Iran the moment Obama inked the so-called ‘Iran deal.’

UN amd. Nicky Haley needs to publicly shame the EU as soon as possible

Whichever way the winds of change blow in Iran, you can be certain that the next government won’t be any more willing to recognize Israel than the previous one. These people have simply been indoctrinated with suspicion and hatred of the Jews for far too long; it doesn’t matter if they want democracy or a free market or better pay or less religious control over their lives.

    4th armored div in reply to MrSatyre. | December 29, 2017 at 3:39 pm

    in the past Iran was a liberal people where couples M/F dancing was common and Jews had positive interactions with non Jews.

    Maybe this can happen again – anything is possible.

In my opinion, the issue is not the people demonstrating, the issue is the Iranian armed forces…they have a nasty habit of obeying their leaders. I recall the results of the last popular uprising, with soldiers on the roofs snipering innocent civilians.

The Muslim countries are brutal when forced to be, which shows that this rioting is either sponsored by the government itself, or things are exceptionally desperate among the general population.

Think of where Hezbollah is active at, and their you will see Iran. Also, Iran has shifted some of it’s fighters into the Gaza strip to show the Palestinians better techniques to kill Israeli’s. Anything, from a half-dozen different directions could trigger war. I think it’s best to continue to support Israel 110%, and just wait to see what the mad mullahs do. Once those bombs are dropped you can’t call them back with a simple: “Oops, sorry about that!”

    “the issue is not the people demonstrating, the issue is the Iranian armed forces…they have a nasty habit of obeying their leaders. …”

    Now you know exactly what goes on in the minds of Iran’s fascist rulers when they run guns and money to terrorists in nations friendly to the US, INCLUDING the US.

This is not journalism but propaganda, an excuse to attack Obama.
Among the lies, this howler: “President Obama’s Nuclear Deal allowed Iran access to assets frozen in the US to the tune of $100 billion. The Obama administration even shipped $1.7 billion in cash to the regime, described as ‘settlement of old legal claim.’

The total of frozen assets in the US was 1.93 billion, which have been paid back. The 100 billion is the total frozen by all nations. Obama made out like a bandit as the value of 1.93 billion with compound interest since it was frozen would be 9 billion at an average of 5% a year, 5 billion at 3%. This money did earn interest and so the US made from 3-7 billion on the deal.

Iran made out because it can now sell it vast oil inventory (it has the 3d most proven reserves) on the world market, which will make it a wealthy nation if the US does not destroy it. And they gave up a nuclear program which the CIA and Mossad both agreed they did not have.

To say Trump stopped paying Iran is to say that Iran already got its 1.93 billion back, with the US pocketing the billions in interest earned over the past 30 years.

As for Obama’s reaction, fact check summarizes:
“June 15, Obama gave remarks on the situation. He said he was watching the news from Iran. It is “up to Iranians to make decisions about who Iran’s leaders will be,” he said, adding that “we respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran.”
But, Obama said, “I am deeply troubled by the violence that I’ve been seeing on television. I think that the democratic process — free speech, the ability of people to peacefully dissent — all those are universal values and need to be respected.”
He said it was his understanding that “that the Iranian government says that they are going to look into irregularities that have taken place,” and emphasized that he would continue to seek diplomacy with the country.
Just over a week later, on June 23, after more and more images of violence came to light and amid some calls for the president to take a tougher stance, he did just that.
“The United States and the international community have been appalled and outraged by the threats, beatings and imprisonments of the last few days,” the president said, adding that he strongly condemns “these unjust actions.”
The undecided: What will sway them?
Asked why he would not spell out potential consequences for Iran over its behavior, the president replied, “Because I think that we don’t know yet how this thing is going to play out. I know everybody here is on a 24-hour news cycle. I’m not.”

So the claim he did not denounce the violence is straigh tout false.Iran now has a much more moderate government ,eager to work as an international partener and make of Iran a wealthy nation.

Trump is eager to attack Iran, and then the Death cnats will again be Death to America.

    First of all, no one needs an ‘excuse’ to attack iran’s bitch, Traitor Barack. It’s something very natural to do to a traitor. (We did well vilifying Benedict Arnold for over 200 years; maybe with fresh meat like barry we’ll break that record with that rat.)

    Second, “June 15, Obama gave remarks on the situation. He said he was watching the news from Iran….” WHAT?? This moron has the greatest intelligence assets in the world at his disposal, and he gets his info from Iranian national tv? So either barry is a moron, or he is malignant. (He could be both, and, let’s face it, he is a moron, as president’s go. You might even say barry is the moooochelle obama of First Ladies.)

    Third, while this treasonous moron was reading these words from his teleprompter, he and fellow traitor valerie jarrett sabotaged law enforcement efforts against ISIS drug dealing networks, allowing them to sell dope in the US, and use the profits to kill American soldiers. (And who knows: maybe some of that drug money made it to hillary klinton’s pockets, too – and into obama and jarrett’s.)

    Fourth, “Iran now has a much more moderate government ,eager to work as an international partener and make of Iran a wealthy nation….” Iran is now building nuclear weapons thanks to Traitor Barack. They’re supplying money and arms to ISIS. (Special thanks to Traitor Barack, and the pallets of billions in cash (!) he had secretly shipped to Iran. He couldn’t give them a check instead of laundering money for them to use in terrorist activities? And maybe some of that drug money made it to hillary klinton’s pockets, too – and into obama and jarrett’s.)

    As Fauxcahontas might say, Traitor Barack speaks with forked tongue.

    We look forward to the day when he can speak no more, except from prison.

    Jack Klompus in reply to ruffsoft. | December 30, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    “Iran now has a much more moderate government ,eager to work as an international partener (sic) and make of Iran a wealthy nation.”

    Either you’re some chump change earning, 50-cent army style, paid lackey or you’ve finally earned your dream of becoming the world’s tallest tower of stupid.

An expansion of these protests is the only way I can see the Iranian nuke issue being settled peacefully. The ayatollahs need to be overthrown.

Recent “conversations” between the US, SA, and Israel. I don’t think this is just a coincidence. Let’s see where it ends up.

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