It’s amazing that this is even an issue on college campuses. What’s so dangerous about the constitution?

The College Fix reports:

Another college that harassed student for passing out Constitutions changes policies after warning

If you want to be harassed by campus bureaucrats, ask passers-by to write whatever they want on your oversized beach ball. Oh, and pass out copies of the U.S. Constitution.

This combination served as catnip for Skyline College administrators who told Eric Corgas, president of its Young Americans for Liberty chapter, that not only did he have to remove a “small folding table” while he distributed America’s founding document Oct. 25, but he had to turn in a permit application before he did anything.

Following a warning letter from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education earlier this month, the member of the San Mateo County Community College District has junked its policies against permission-free “expressive activity.”

According to the letter, Student Services counselor Alberto Santellan told Corgas and his coterie they would “get in trouble” if they didn’t remove the table. Director of Student Development Amory Cariadus then chastised the group for not giving her sufficient notice that they would be publicly promoting civic education:

“We’re okay with you guys doing free speech, but, like, you guys gotta, like, let me know, not just send me an email at, like, 1:00” [she said]. Cariadus then instructed Corgas to complete a copy of Skyline’s “Free Speech Permit.” Cariadus told the students that “it probably, if [they] were, like, not disruptive, it wouldn’t be an issue” if they did not fill out the permit. However, she later said that the school receives complaints about free speech all the time.