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Women’s Center at UConn Targets ‘Mansplaining’

Women’s Center at UConn Targets ‘Mansplaining’

“challenging social norms that promote gender based violence”

How does stuff like this pass for serious academic study? It sounds like something out of the Onion.

Campus Reform reports:

UConn to help men stop ‘mansplaining,’ ‘interrupting others’

The University of Connecticut is recruiting 20 male students for an 11-week program to help them stop “mansplaining” and “interrupting others.”

The Men’s Project is hosted by the school’s Women’s Center and vows to train men to “positively influence their peers by challenging social norms that promote gender based violence.”

But while the program frames itself as a way to promote bystander intervention, the Men’s Project has a broader agenda, as weekly meetings will feature discussions on “topics related to gender socialization, masculinities, social justice and gender-based violence.”

The application, which went live last week, is open to all “male-identified students.”

“In your experience, what are some things you would like to work on, or what are some things you have been told men need to work on? (Ex: Mansplaining, Relationships & Gender Norms, Interrupting Others, etc),” the application asks, adding that participants may be asked to prepare for the weekly meetings by “reading or journaling.”


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Oh gee where do I sign up…

You’ve got it all wrong.
I *SOOOOO* want to be a part of this class……

Each class would be the funniest part of my week.