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UVA Loosens Rules for Students Caught Lying or Stealing

UVA Loosens Rules for Students Caught Lying or Stealing

“to be a lot more forgiving and rehabilitative”

The new policy makes it easier for students accused of these infractions to stay in school. It’s not clear how this makes things better for everyone.

The Daily Caller reports:

UVA Loosens Sanctions On Liars, Cheaters, And Thieves

A committee at the University of Virginia voted 19-1 to amend the school’s student honor conduct code sanctioning liars, cheaters, and thieves and making it easier for those in violation to stay at the school, according to a Tuesday report.

UVA’s student-run Honor Committee voted Sunday to widen the informed retraction clause of its Honor Code, reported The Cavalier Daily.

The informed retraction clause previously allowed students to confess an act of lying, cheating, and stealing and take two semesters of leave from UVA instead of being expelled. The Honor Committee’s change would allow students to file multiple Honor Code infractions under one informed retraction.

“[The change] allows Honor to be a lot more forgiving and rehabilitative for students going through the process, which has always been our goal for this Committee,” said Devin Rossin, chair of the Honor Committee, to The Cavalier Daily. “I’m glad we got it with [nearly] unanimous support, with only one dissenting vote. It’s just a massive expansion to what we currently do.”


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Who needs rules?

When you have no honor, it’s easy to relax the “honor code”. Why bother, your code has become, by definition, useless.

Not lying, cheating, or stealing is not a high hurdle. By most, it should be very minimal. So much for ANY values.

    Seems not so very long ago one once had to sign an honor code, including writing on your papers/exams “On my honor, I have neither received, nor provided help…….”
    Remember when there was indeed some semblance of civility and honor?
    I sure miss those days.

“Liars, cheaters, and thieves” now accepted at UVA.

That’ll look good to businesses looking to hire UVA graduates.

I wonder what happens to the dissenter. Hope he/she has tenure.

Pathetic. Years ago, when I was advising high school students about different colleges, both U.Va and, most especially, Washington and Lee were known for their honor codes and for the integrity of their students. Sure, there were aberrations, but, by and large, both students and faculty were proud of their reputations.

As a UVa alum, I am appalled that my old school has chosen to dumb down its standards yet again. Please stop trying to be like everyone else. Be special and unique.