The school is cutting things like sociology, theater and media studies. You know what this signifies, right?

The Daily Caller reports:

This Taxpayer-Funded University Just Cut Sociology And A Bunch Of Other Useless Majors

Officials at the University of Wisconsin-Superior announced the elimination of nine undergraduate majors, as well as 15 minors and one graduate program.

Sociology, theater, art history, journalism and something called media studies are among Wisconsin-Superior’s newly suspended academic majors, reports local ABC affiliate WDIO.

Political science and the specialty major of forensic chemistry are also getting the ax at the taxpayer-funded school.

Minor programs on the way out at Wisconsin-Superior include geography, photography, physics, earth science and global studies.

The school’s computer science minor is also facing elimination — but not the major.

Several of the eliminated majors and minors involve teaching (e.g. history teaching and psychology teaching).

The graduate program which will no longer exist is a master’s program in art therapy.