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Student Sit-in at Reed College Shuts Down Finance Office

Student Sit-in at Reed College Shuts Down Finance Office

“prompted officials to quickly relocate sensitive financial documents”

This school is quickly becoming the new Evergreen State College.

The College Fix reports:

Aggressive Reed College student sit-in shuts down school’s finance office

Reed College has placed no-contact orders against a group of student protesters after they allegedly harassed a staff member during an occupation of the university treasurer’s office and blocked the office’s employees from doing their jobs.

The aggressive sit-in has resulted in the finance office being closed for three days and prompted officials to quickly relocate sensitive financial documents so they could not be absconded with.

The demonstration, led by members of a student protest group known as “Reedies Against Racism,” began Oct. 26 and stems from the group’s demand that the university divest from Wells Fargo because of what protesters allege are the banking company’s ties to private prisons, mass incarceration and the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Students have occupied the university’s administrative building, Eliot Hall, for about 10 days now. As of Wednesday, a campus spokesman told The College Fix that student protesters were still occupying the hallways of Eliot Hall, the president’s office and the treasurer’s office.

The protests are the latest demonstration by “Reedies Against Racism,” a group that has been active on campus for a little over a year and whose members interrupted the lecture of a humanities class earlier this semester to protest a mandatory Western Civilization course it described as “really harmful.”


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Great plan…keep people from getting their financial aid.

Earth to Dummies: The finance office has ZERO to do with the university’s endowment or its investments.

Was the course they protested “really harmful” or “like literally really harmful”…that’s my pressing question of the day.

Why allow this to continue? Simply expel any student involved and then charge every one of the group with criminal trespass, and ban them from entry on the campus. I would have done that on day one!