The election of Trump really brought the far left partisanship of academia out into the open.

The College Fix reports:

Professor tells students Trump is a racist

San Diego State University history Professor Pablo Ben told a room full of students recently that President Donald Trump is a “racist.”

He made the comments earlier this month after the group of students had viewed a “disturbing” series of “sensory experiences” consisting of theatrical skits designed to help students combat their prejudice.

The comments were couched in a larger session led by the history professor as a way to give students a chance to talk about what they observed.

“Sometimes we also assume that because someone voted for Trump, some people voted for Trump despite the fact that Trump is a racist, not because he is a racist,” Ben said.

“Certainly there’s a lot of people who voted for [Trump] because they’re, there’s certainly a phenomenon there that points towards racism,” he said, according to a College Fix reporter in the room at the time.

Ben did not respond to requests from The College Fix seeking comment and clarification.

Ben made the comments as part of an event called Journey to a Shared Humanity, during which students were taken through a dark room and watched various skits to be educated about — and experience — different types of oppression.