Embattled Alabama Republican Senate Candidate joined Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday to defend himself against allegations that he had improper relationships with girls as young as 14 when he was in his thirties.

Four women now have come forward alleging Moore came on to them while they were still teenagers. On Hannity’s show, Moore admitted to knowing two of his accusers, saying he remembers being friends with one, but does not remember if they dated.

Moore maintains the allegations were concocted to bring down his Senate campaign. Before the allegations broke, Moore led his Democratic opponent by 9 percentage points.

Interview here:

Some are demanding Moore step aside based on the allegations:

He’s rapidly losing endorsements, with Sen. Lee being the latest to withdraw support:

And others are coming to Moore’s defense:

So what happens next? What if Moore continues fighting the allegations and refuses to step down? And what if Alabama Republicans pull him? Alabama’s Governor has broad discretion in such matters and can reschedule the election. From the NYT:

One approach that Republicans are considering, according to people briefed on the deliberations, would involve asking Gov. Kay Ivey to order a new date for the election, scheduling it for early next year and giving the party time to persuade Mr. Moore to withdraw, or force him out of the race.

Alabama election law requires candidates to withdraw at least 76 days before an election in order to be replaced on the ballot, a deadline Mr. Moore has already missed.

State law gives the governor broad authority to set the date of special elections, and Ms. Ivey, who is a Republican, already rescheduled the Senate election once, after inheriting the governor’s office in April when her predecessor, Robert Bentley, resigned in a sex and corruption scandal. Ms. Ivey’s advisers have not ruled out exercising that power again, according to Republicans in touch with her camp, but she has signaled that she would like reassurances of support from the White House before taking any such step.

A spokesman for the governor did not reply to an email asking about her intentions.

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