The entire field of academia is a liberal haven. What is this professor thinking?

Campus Reform reported:

Prof complains there are ‘few liberal havens’ in academia

An anonymous professor insists that contrary to their reputation as “liberal ‘havens,’” college campuses are actually hotbeds of “institutional racism.”

The anonymous professor, who describes herself as “a black woman faculty member at a HWCU (or historically white college or university),” claims in an op-ed for Inside Higher Ed that she entered academia with high hopes that it would provide “social protection, professional stability, and financial freedom,” but has since concluded that “I was wrong.”

Disputing the notion of “colleges as manufacturing plants for little liberal soldiers” as “a fairy tale created by political conservatives to reconstruct classism around education rather than political affiliation,” she declares that she has “found few liberal havens in academic spaces,” and speculates that her experience is far from unique.

Comparing her treatment in academia to “death by a thousand cuts,” the professor asserts that most faculty of color spend their days “ducking microaggressions, hurdling stereotypes, and navigating emotional distress,” adding that even after enduring those difficulties, “most of us will be denied tenure, and many will be too exhausted to protest if we managed to land a tenure-track job at all.”

Noting that “I came to the academy to create platforms for change,” the professor says that “instead I found an institution where skepticism permeates discussions of inequality and willful ignorance of prejudicial rhetoric perpetuates discrimination.”