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Penn Students Hold Discussion on ‘Environmental Racism’

Penn Students Hold Discussion on ‘Environmental Racism’

“speakers highlighted the Israel-Palestine conflict”

This sounds like a thinly veiled disguise for an anti-Israel event.

Campus Reform reports:

Penn students educate on ‘environmental racism’

The student group Fossil Free Penn held a discussion on environmental racism as part of its weeklong engagement project called “Divestfest” Wednesday afternoon.

About a dozen students participated in the event, detailing how the negative impacts of industries disproportionately affect minorities. The speakers at the event, who will remain anonymous, hailed from two student groups on campus: Students for Justice in Palestine and the United Minorities Council.

The message of the presentation was threefold. The first student argued that while “the impacts of climate change and fossil fuels are devastating for all communities, the effects are worse on marginalized communities,” specifically people of color and low-income communities. The second presenter discussed the eco-colonialism that occurred under the British rule of India and the millions of deaths it caused. And the third wanted to “show through the post-colonial theory how we can problematize the idea of forestation in different contexts—how we can use this to show how intersectionality can affect human rights as well as the ecosystem and how it can serve the neocolonialist propaganda.”

In discussing environmental racism, the speakers highlighted the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Jewish National Fund, an organization that plants trees in Israel, was a major subject of discussion.


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I wonder, is it racist of me to discriminate against all the ‘Green’ folks? I have yet to find a single rabidly ‘Green’ person that I can tolerate.

The reverse is actually true.
“Dirty” industries do not purposely congregate in low-income communities. Low-income communities evolve around these industries. Property values are lower and more affordable in these areas. Further, low-income folks are closer to the industries they often work for.

ugottabekiddinme | November 7, 2017 at 9:12 pm

Reports of events at Penn often sadden me for my alma mater (College ’69), such as the ridiculous die-in or lie-in that the oh so PC president, who makes umpty millions bucks a year, engaged in with Black Lives Matter a couple years back.

So I am heartened to read that, out of more than 20,000 full-time students, only a dozen wasted their time on this nonsense.