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Michigan State Sex Assault Event Features Coloring Books and Rice Krispies Treats

Michigan State Sex Assault Event Features Coloring Books and Rice Krispies Treats

“activities also included yoga and training on microaggression”

The same college students who constantly claim to be experts on racism, gender and politics need to be coddled like babies.

The College Fix reports:

University takes on sexual assault with coloring, yoga, Rice Krispies, microaggression training

A public university recently offered its students a snack break featuring therapy dogs, coloring pages and Rice Krispies treats as part of the school’s campaign against sexual assault.

The Michigan State University event was part of the “It’s On Us: Fall Week of Action,” dedicated to teaching students how to respond to sexual assault, harassment and relationship violence.

The week’s activities also included yoga and training on microaggression and rape culture bystander interventions.

A flyer for the therapy dogs event stated “coloring pages,” Rice Krispies treats and Biggby coffee, a coffee company native to Michigan, would be doled out to attendees.

As for the bystander workshop, it was described on Facebook as “an interactive workshop that explores the various ways that upperclassmen can be active bystanders.”

“We will go over scenarios that students experience daily and the ways that intervention can help change our campus and end violence,” the description added. “We also cover topics such as microaggressions, rape culture, and campus climate.”


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Morning Sunshine | November 4, 2017 at 12:16 pm

and how many students are going JUST for the free coffee and sugar? I know that would have been enough for my college days.