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Feminist Profs Publishing Anthology of ‘Queer Feminist Science’

Feminist Profs Publishing Anthology of ‘Queer Feminist Science’

“queer feminist concerns have led us straight to science”

Plain old regular science is so yesterday. Try new and improved queer feminist science!

Campus Reform reports:

Profs call for ‘queer feminist science’ in new anthology

A group of feminist professors will publish a new anthology in November extolling the merits of the emerging field of “queer feminist science.”

The anthology, Queer Feminist Science: A Reader, will be released on November 16, and is edited by a team of Women’s Studies professors including New York University’s Cyd Cipolla, Wake Forest University’s Kristina Gupta, South Florida University’s David A. Rubin, and Mount Holyoke College’s Angela Willey, who specifically teaches “feminist science.”

“How do scientific agendas…reflect gender normative, racist, heterosexist, classist, and ableist assumptions?” they ask.

While the book isn’t yet published, the introductory chapter is available online, in which the editors argue in favor of the power that “queer feminist concerns” can have on science.

“In recent decades, science has become a remarkably productive object for queer feminist critical inquiry,” they say, adding that “queer feminist concerns have led us straight to science as a site for both undoing and remaking our worlds.”

In addition to their hopes of using a queer feminist lens to remake knowledge, they also argue for a “queering of science” more generally, saying that doing so can “offer profoundly innovative and different answers to some of academic feminism’s most enduring questions, including: What is sex?”


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‘Anthology’ means that the usual ‘Queer Feminist Science’ flyer will be in pamphlet form! Progress!

These people are seriously deranged. Why would any sane person pay real money to be lectured by the insane?

We can only wonder why these feminist profs are not working in positions more suited to their talents. Like, oh say, running a cash register at Arby’s.

She blinded me with queer feminist science….

What’s next? Gay science? Black science? Latino science? Asian science? These people are nuts.