Evan McMullin ran for president in 2016. He failed, of course. But in running, he gave Never Trump conservatives who couldn’t stomach pulling the lever (or pushing the button, these days) for Donald Trump an out; someone they could feel good about voting for, without forfeiting their vote entirely.

While most of the Never Trump movement has gone on with their lives (myself included), a few hardcore holdouts remain, one of who is McMullen. So great is their disdain for Trump, that it’s increasingly difficult to distinguish these folks from progressives suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Like their leftist counterparts (if you can call them that) they’re all spewing the same crazy garbage:

The McMullins of the political realm have turned their hatred of Trump into a quasi-religion and for what? What does any of this accomplish? What does it advance? And what the hell is the point? These games were well and good during campaign season, but now they read as childish spoiled sportedness.

As I’ve blogged several times over, healthy skepticism of electoral power and elected officials is a necessity for any republic. They are, after all, public servants, elected not to wield power, but to represent. But hurling the ridiculous charge of “white nationalist” at anyone and everyone aligned with Trump is not only stupid, but in incredibly poor taste.

This crew, the one that professes principled purity, are the first to slander the opposition with the same, stinky political mud thrown by leftists. The self-awareness fail here is strong. And as Trump would say, Sad!

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