I can hardly keep up with the daily revelations of yet another liberal entertainment/media/political figure being exposed as an *alleged* sexual harasser and/or abuser.

Not all the revelations have been about liberals (see, Roy Moore), but it seems that there is a liberal self-cleansing mechanism in progress when WaPo, the NY Times, and even Vox are turning on their own after years of looking the other way (or in the case of NBC, spiking the story).

This frenzy could be pure as the driven snow, a well-intentioned attempt to purge the liberal body politic in its many incarnations. Something just seems off, however, about the liberal fervor to drive liberal icons from liberal industries. Why now?

I think there are a few things going on here.

There is honest built-up resentment and anger among liberal women who have been the victims of predatory conduct by liberal men. They were expected to maintain their silence for the liberal cause, because to air their legitimate grievances would call into question the icons of Democratic Party history, the Kennedy’s and the Clintons, and the key funders of liberal causes in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Trump’s victory over a Clinton, oddly enough, freed liberal women to stop being silent about liberal male abusers in a way not possible after the Obama victory over Hillary in the 2008 primary. Obama co-opted the Clintons into his camp, appointing Hillary as Secretary of State. Hillary then became the presumptive Democrat nominee after leaving government. There was no breathing room for abused liberal women to escape the clench in which the Clintons held them until Trump’s victory.

That explains why the women are coming forward, but it doesn’t explain the seeming pleasure of the liberal media in telling their stories, and even seeking out those stories. So there must be more going on.

Major media, which has a vested interest in the success of the Democratic Party and the eventual defeat of Trump, knows that defeat of Trump cannot take place until there is a changing of the Democrat guard. The Clintons and vestiges of the Clintons must be purged, and what better way than to portray the party and liberalism as a coming to grips with the past abuses of Bill Clinton as covered up by Hillary. The major media now is acting as something of a truth and reconciliation commission, in which exposure of others in addition to the Clintons is necessary.

Additionally, that purging of the Clintons is necessary for the progressive wing to take over. The Clintons, and all that the Democratic establishment represents, is entrenched even in defeat. The airing of grievances against the Democrat harasser/abuser in chief, and his henchwoman, is necessary for the party to move on to it next, more radical, phase. That more radical phase will have people like Keith Ellison, who is being promoted as a replacement for Al Franken, in leadership.

Last, but certainly not least, is that that having harassers/abusers in their midst hamstrings #TheResistance in its most important life goal, attacking Trump. I’ve seen a lot of liberal media and #NeverTrump Republican types pushing the meme that since people believe the accusers of liberal Democrats, they must also believe the accusers of Trump. I don’t think that will work, but it’s understandable that it’s being tried.

I’m not sure how this liberal purge ends. But it’s long overdue.


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