DNC Chair Tom Perez was asked a direct question on Tuesday about how much the DNC paid to the law firm that paid Fusion GPS and who authorized the payment. Perez responded with a long rambling answer about how awful Trump is.

Jonathan Easeley writes at The Hill:

DNC chair: Rot went all the way to the top in Trump campaign

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez said Tuesday that special counsel Robert Mueller had discovered clear evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians and that the “rot went all the way to the top.”

Speaking at a breakfast with reporters hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Perez, a former civil rights attorney at the Justice Department, said Mueller’s findings “cannot be overstated.”

He lashed out at “the appalling silence from Republican leaders” and said that if Clinton had won the election and had been accused of the same thing, Republicans would have impeached her immediately.

Buried about halfway down in the report, comes this:

Perez dodged, however, on the DNC’s role in an explosive opposition research dossier it helped pay for.

The law firm used by the Clinton campaign and the DNC contracted the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which hired a British spy to put the document together.

“I was unaware of Fusion GPS until 48 hours or so before it was released,” Perez said. “My number one concern is what happened during the election. Did the Russians and Trump administration collude to affect the election. That to me is the issue at hand.”

And at the very end we get this:

Perez would not say whether he had asked DNC officials to look into the matter or discuss any details about the national party’s involvement. He said that the opposition research was justified because Trump didn’t disclose his tax returns and had a “very shady relationship with Russian authorities.”

“I don’t know how much of the opposition research was Fusion, I haven not aggregated that amount,” Perez said. “But the issue at hand is whether Trump campaign and Russians were conspiring to affect this election.”

Watch Perez squirm in the video below:

Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller has more on Perez’s obfuscation:

Perez also indicated that he had not ordered an internal investigation about the DNC’s role with the firm.

The DNC chairman continued to plead ignorance over the payments, repeating a previous claim that the hiring of Fusion GPS did not occur on his watch.

“As you know I wasn’t working at the DNC the time of this contract,” he told reporters.

He also repeated the Democrats’ charge that the Russians hacked the DNC emails and the Russians were “in regular contact” with the Trump campaign.

“We know that we were hacked by the Russians at the DNC. We now know from yesterday the Trump and the Russians were in regular contact. They weren’t getting together to trade vodka recipes. They were getting together to affect the outcome of the race in 2016,” Perez said.

Let’s hope Democrats keep this up. The longer they obsess over their Russia narrative, the longer they’re not contributing any real ideas on policy. When the next elections arrive, the American people will ask the Democratic Party what they have to offer and the only response will be “Russia.”

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