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Dartmouth Hosts Event Titled ‘What’s Up With White People?”

Dartmouth Hosts Event Titled ‘What’s Up With White People?”

“a “field guide” for those who are “perplexed” by white people”

Substitute any other racial group and ask yourself if it would be permitted. Of course it wouldn’t.

The College Fix reports:

Dartmouth University hosts ‘What’s Up With White People?’ event

An elite private university is offering an event early next year that purports to explore the question of “what’s up with white people?”

Dartmouth University will host Temple University professor Matt Wray on February 2, 2018, where Wray will expound on “the different types of white people and how you can learn to spot them in their natural habitats.”

The event, which bills itself as a “field guide” for those who are “perplexed” by white people, promises to offer a “sociological and cultural analysis of what produces and sustains…different white social types.” Those types include Rachel Dolezal, President Donald Trump, white nationalist Richard Spencer, and “SJWs,” or social justice warriors.

Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, was briefly in the news in 2015 after it was revealed that she had been falsely posing as a black woman for years.

During the Dartmouth event, which is being sponsored by the school’s sociology department, Wray will also offer “observations about the implications of white self-differentiation for social issues like immigration, mass incarceration, and the growing epidemic of self-destruction among whites.”


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What’s up with women? gays? transgenders? etc. also works as a non-starter for belittling the wrong protected groups.

Replace the word “white” in the story with “black”, “gay”, or any of a number of others and this would be a completely different story with the Main Stream Media jumping all over it.

What’s up with Dartmouth?

It’s a special circumstance that produces several sociological types: Idiot faculty. Idiot administrators. Idiot students.