Colleges often have to be creative in casting decisions. This situation was exploited for political correctness.

The College Fix reports:

Theater department cancels play because some whites might be cast as Asians

It’s not just Brandeis University panicking about offending their students with politically incorrect themes in theater productions.

The theater department at Knox College in Illinois has canceled a planned production of “The Good Person of Szechwan,” which is about a Chinese sex worker who seeks to do “good deeds.”

According to The Knox Student, two female students of color in the theater department, Jayel Gant and Willa Coufal, were privately grousing about the production when it was announced six months ago, but they didn’t say anything until late October.

They publicly groused on social media and invited students to a forum they organized Nov. 1 to “address the racial controversy surrounding the play,” which they claim stereotypes Asian women.

The same day, Theater Prof. Neil Blackadder announced auditions had been cancelled, and the next day theater faculty announced the cancellation of the play.

The sensitive student activists might have been cool with the play if the theater department had figured how to overcome chronic disinterest in theater by students of color at Knox.

Gant pointed to some whites being cast in Muslim roles in the 2014-2015 production “Mosque Alert,” and sophomore Joel Willison said “there were not enough Asian students to cast the play responsibly”: