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College Democrats Leader in Wisconsin Resigns After Saying She Hates All White Men

College Democrats Leader in Wisconsin Resigns After Saying She Hates All White Men

“She is no longer involved in the organization”

Do you think she includes Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders in her hatred? Either way, she’s out.

Campus Reform reports:

College Dems leader resigns after declaring hatred of white men

The College Democrats of Wisconsin announced that its vice chair who lashed out against “white men” in a tweet last week has stepped down from her role in the organization.

According to the group, Sarah Semrad, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse who allegedly tweeted that “I f***ing hate white men,” resigned her post on the executive board of the political organization as of Tuesday morning.

“She is no longer involved in the organization,” a College Democrats of Wisconsin spokesperson told Campus Reform. “She resigned, and as of this morning, is no longer a member of our executive board.”

Images of Semrad’s now-defunct Twitter account also appear to show the former vice chair making other controversial remarks, such as expressing her disdain for a pro-life group on campus.

“My new bit is tearing down all the pro life Christian pregnancy resource center fliers that they put up around campus to try & trick people,” she allegedly tweeted last month.

Semrad has also been officially removed from the College Democrats of Wisconsin website, where she was previously listed as Vice Chair.


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Why isn’t there a call in data base listing these bat shit crazies?

Heh. Is “vice chair” the chairperson in charge of vice?

She was at least interested and active enough to have gotten the position. Now I’m supposed to believe that she just walks away from it, and no one on the committee ever talks to her again?

Most of these “resignations for an inconsiderate statement” are like that: meaningless. I call BS on the lot of them.