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Branco Cartoon- Infringed?


As I have stated before, I am willing to turn in my weapons – right after I run out of ammo.

I never had my own gun in my house as an adult, although my grandparents had them at their farmhouse, and my brother and father have always owned guns (mostly locked in cabinets).

I knew I was too lazy to maintain a gun, and I distrust my situational awareness, because it has always been poor.

For me, a clear recognition that kids can get into anything and that I wasn’t prepared to undertake the responsibility of keeping ahead of them and a weapon, led me to the decision not to keep one in the house.

However, that personal decision has noting to do with the 2nd Amendment, which is clear. Also clear is the existence of the 2nd Amendment as a political right, and the dire consequences when an out-of-control government meets an unarmed populace.

I am a lawyer: my weapon is the keyboard. Only if our lawyers fail us will we have to resort to guns.

& red bird

All? Prohibiting the town madman the town drunk and the town method from possessing firearms seems like the kind of common sense the Founders would have insisted on. These were pragmatic people not fundamentalists; they would not run any idea to its suicidal extreme.

*method = meth head