FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich is scheduled to give a talk at the University of Wisconsin Madison next week on the Second Amendment. The event is being hosted by the Young America’s Foundation and it is already hitting roadblocks.

According to YAF, the school is issuing new requirements to limit audience size:

University of Wisconsin Tries To Block Public From Pavlich Lecture

n a last-minute move, UW-Madison notified the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter that unless they found a faculty department sponsor before Tuesday, their campus lecture with Katie Pavlich would only be open to UW students.

This ridiculously subjective rule runs against everything the First Amendment guarantees, and allows university faculty unfettered discretion in determining whose speech and ideas get to be heard. This sets up a two-class system where leftist students are afforded free speech while conservative students are subjected to arbitrary university-concocted restrictions.

This rule hasn’t been applied to previous speakers hosted by UW-Madison YAF, including Steve Forbes and Ben Shapiro.

In addition to this issue, left wing students are planning to keep things classy by protesting the event with sex toys. Jennifer Kabbany reports at The College Fix:

Students offer free dildos to those who will protest Katie Pavlich’s pro-Second Amendment talk

Students upset that conservative commentator Katie Pavlich is slated to give at talk at the University of Wisconsin Madison next week defending the Second Amendment have come up with a rather creative way to protest it.

The activists with Cocks Not Glocks at UW Madison have scheduled “The Bonerfide Penis Arts Fest” to compete with and demonstrate against the Young Americans for Freedom’s planned event Oct. 10 titled “Trigger Warning: Second Amendment Rights and Self Defense.”

“Katie Pavlich thinks that you can murder campus sexual assault away. Young Americans for Freedom thinks that her presence on campus is necessary to defend free speech. Therefore, Cocks Not Glocks: UW Madison will be gathering during Pavlich’s speech to create and present dick art that has ZERO literary, artistic, political, educational, or scientific value. You know, for free speech,” according to the activists’ Facebook page.

The protesters say they plan to “make crappy dick art” and “write dumb dick poems,” adding that “facts about sexuality and sexual assault don’t matter to Katie or YAF, so they don’t matter to us either. Get up and present your work and we’ll give you a free new protest dildo from Good Vibrations.”

How does this end? At what point do conservatives get to speak on college campuses without left wing protests and obstacles from school administrations?

Featured image via YouTube.