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Washington State U. Seeks “VP of Community, Equity and Inclusive Excellence”

Washington State U. Seeks “VP of Community, Equity and Inclusive Excellence”

Spending $275,000 to do it.

This job title is so absurd. All I could think of was the Simpsons episode about the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

The College Fix reports:

University to spend $275k to hire ‘vice president of community, equity and inclusive excellence’

A public university in the Pacific Northwest is spending well over a quarter of a million dollars on a new diversity employee in order to “centralize all the diversity units” at the school.

Washington State University will spend $275,000 to hire a new “vice president of community, equity and inclusive excellence,” as part of a “concrete step” to address diversity issues on campus.

The whopping price tag was revealed to students during a public forum at which a number of attendees “[reiterated] concerns that current diversity efforts [at Washington State] may not amount to tangible change,” according to the school’s newspaper, The Daily Evergreen.

Victor Villanueva, the regents professor, told the assembly that he was “hoping that we can actually do something…not just listen to what the concerns are, which tend to be over and over again the same kinds of concerns, when it comes to folks of color in particular.”

The new vice president position is meant to effect the “tangible change” many in the Washington State community are after. “Gonzales said this position would centralize all the diversity units and allow Student Affairs to better support all 30,000 WSU students,” The Evergreen reported.


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This is why tuition costs keep going up. Higher ed is to heavy with overpaid administrators for every little grievance group. It’s not the faculty that makes all the money (you have to be a professor for 20+ years to make over $100K); it’s the VPs of sex, gender, race, bathroom privileges, costume wearing, safe spaces, free speech zones, hug therapy, teddy bears, and all the other crazy crap that they think students need so that their poor little sensibilities won’t be offended lest they get a boo boo on their psyche. Sheesh!