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University Drops Crusader Mascot for Being Associated With Violence

University Drops Crusader Mascot for Being Associated With Violence

“knights fighting holy wars conflicted with the school’s mission”

This is just another case of political correctness gone wild.

Red Alert Politics reports:

University dumps its mascot because it’s “associated with violence and destruction”

A private Christian liberal arts university in Idaho has announced that it will change its mascot after critics argued that – like most school mascots – it was once “associated with violence and destruction.”

After much discussion, Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) dropped its original mascot, the Crusaders, in favor of a more politically correct one: the Nighthawks. Students, alumni, and others felt that the image of knights fighting holy wars conflicted with the school’s mission and values.

“We’re a global university and we have missionaries all over the world, and in some countries, that’s not a great image,” said NNU media relations specialist Rob O’Donahue.

University spokesman Mark Cork noted that the debate over the mascot name started in the late 1990s to early 2000s. In 2006, the university stripped all imagery of the Crusader mascot, and in 2016, its Board of Trustees decided to appoint a task force comprised of people from different departments and alumni. After several meetings, the task force decided on the new mascot last Spring, which the Board approved at its meeting this Fall.

While social justice warriors applauded the change, many alumni are not thrilled about it.


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This is a Christian college? Really?

No clue as to the origin or purpose of the crusades… Christianity gets the black eye after the Muslims attack & steal the Holy Land… Poor things, to be ignorant of history, is ignorant of humanity.

Good. The Crusaders were vicious evil depraved murderers, predecessors of the Nazis, and any school that would honor their memory should be ashamed. And before anyone gets up in arms about this, remember whose blog you’re on.