Shakespeare’s works get reinterpreted all the time but this is a complete change of the story. Students think they’re being edgy by doing things like this.

The College Fix reported:

UCLA grad students create gay, Latino Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Julio’

A trio of graduate students at UCLA have “adapted” the Shakespeare classic “Romeo and Juliet” to tell an “inclusive” love story between a white man (Romeo) and a Latino man (Julio).

As reported by The Daily Californian, creator Oscar Emmanuel Fabela said he was inspired by “Hamilton: An American Musical,” and by often having been typecast as a gangster or thug due to his sexuality and ethnicity. (Gays are typecast as gangsters?)

Other than the play’s title — “Romeo and Julio” — some pronouns and a few gender-specific terms, Fabela, along with co-producers Lesley Elizondo and Beth Lane, didn’t change much else.

“This story, being put through an immigrant, gay lens, still works,” Fabela said. “We can use this over 400-year-old text and change nothing but the pronouns and it’s still relevant.”

From the story:

The timelessness of the text gives the play enough flexibility to be adapted for LGBTQ and Latino communities, Fabela said. The original play features a scene in which Romeo must flee the country after killing a man. In the students’ version, graduate student and cinematographer [Lesley] Elizondo directed Fabela not to let go of his on-screen lover Romeo, who must leave Verona, Italy, forever after being banished for his crime.