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UCLA Conference Will Explore How Capitalism is ‘Persisting Racial Inequality’

UCLA Conference Will Explore How Capitalism is ‘Persisting Racial Inequality’

“hosted by UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy”

The abolition of capitalism is one of the core goals of the left. That’s where this comes from.

The College Fix reports:

Daylong conference at UCLA to explore how capitalism is ‘persisting racial inequality’

A workshop taking place today at UCLA will explore topics such as “Diasporas of Racial Capitalism,” imperialism and “settler-colonialism” as part of a nationwide initiative focused on exploring how capitalism contributes to “persisting racial inequality,” according to organizers.

The daylong “Race and Capitalism: Global Territories, Transnational Histories” event at UCLA will include more than two dozen scholars participating in a handful of presentations and discussions focused on exploring race and capitalism.

The conference is hosted by UCLA’s Institute on Inequality and Democracy, which has urged resistance against President Donald Trump and is led by a professor who has proposed “divesting from whiteness.”

The workshop is also part of a recently launched “Race and Capitalism” project headed up by a pair of professors from the University of Chicago and University of Washington.

The Race and Capitalism initiative seeks to “study the intersection of race and capitalism within the U.S. and to start a national debate on the topic,” according to its website. The project’s mission statement claims scholars have largely ignored the relationship between the two topics.

“The near silence around this intersection in academic discourse is especially troubling considering the #BlackLivesMatter protests that have rocked the nation throughout the last three years and heightened the need to expose the economic as well as the political and legal foundations of persisting racial inequality,” the project’s website states.


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Alan McIntire | October 21, 2017 at 4:45 pm

Yeah, having to work for a living to support yourself and family is “racist”, as opposed to “Progressive” blandishments to NOT work for a living, but live off the dole.

Colonel Travis | October 21, 2017 at 5:23 pm

Oh good. One of the goals is to “start a national debate on the topic” that capitalism is racist. Even though it’s the most un-racist economic system ever developed. Why is the skin color of the person who makes my refrigerator necessary to be known in the manufacture and/or sale of the refrigerator? I’ve been filling my cup with racist ice cubes all this time.

College used to be a place where you went to become smart. It is, as we all know, now the place you go to become dumb.

if #Failifornia *does* manage to secede, i predict the main export will be stupidity…

we already have a surplus of it here, and yet still produce a new bumper crop of it every year.