Some people in academia seem determined to set back all the work of the civil rights movement.

The College Fix reports:

University tells campus community to notice other people’s skin color

One university has advised its campus community to notice the color of people’s skin in order to not be oppressive.

“Reject color blindness” is one of five pieces of advice doled out on the University of Southern Indiana’s website under the headline “five tips for becoming an ally collaborator for women of color.”

An “ally” is often synonymous with people with white skin who embrace leftists’ collective identity philosophies. They “acknowledge disadvantage and oppression of groups other than their own” and “commit to reducing their own complicity or collusion in oppression of those groups,” according to the post, written by the University of Southern Indiana’s Women of Color in the Academy.

In “rejecting color blindness,” the academy argues that the “belief among an overwhelming number of scientists is that race is a social construct without biological meaning.”

“However, we do not mean to say that somehow race is not real,” it adds. “Race is, of course, real. We live in a country and a world where skin color has long been used as a way to systematize discrimination and brutality. It can have life or death consequences.”