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Student Group at Georgetown Targeted for Upholding Catholic Doctrine

Student Group at Georgetown Targeted for Upholding Catholic Doctrine

“marriage is between a man and a woman”

Remember the old days when Georgetown was a Catholic school? They don’t.

Red Alert Politics reports:

Georgetown University to defund student group for believing in Catholic doctrine

The Student Activities Commission (SAC) at Georgetown University is holding a hearing on whether to remove recognition and funding from the conservative student group Love Saxa, for allegedly violating the university’s policy against fostering intolerance. Those petitioning to ban Love Saxa are basing their accusations solely on the fact that the group espouses the Catholic doctrine that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The hearing is in direct result of a student-senator from the Georgetown University Student Association, with support from leaders of homosexual pride student organizations at Georgetown, filing a petition to ban the group.
On Friday, the editorial board of The Hoya, the university’s “oldest and largest student newspaper,” joined the chorus advocating, ironically, for intolerance of Love Saxa. The editorial states:

“Love Saxa does not deserve the benefit of university recognition. As a group whose mission advocates against equal rights for the LGBTQ community, Love Saxa fosters intolerance. As such, the club is antithetical to what a university club should be, and it should be ineligible for any university benefits.”

Love Saxa only receives $250 out of SAC’s $330,000 annual budget. However, the group’s critics are looking to strike what is largely a symbolic blow against an organization that holds doctrinal positions in line with the university’s denomination, yet are out of sync with the marching leftward trend of identity politics.


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We’ve all heard the question, “Is the Pope….?

Well, now we know the answer to the question, “In keeping with its founding and denominational affiliation, is Georgetown…..??

Not surprising in the least.

Typical modern (Il)Liberal worldview: “Doggone it!! We’ve identified and labeled certain people groups ‘intolerant’ and if there’s one thing we can’t tolerate, it’s anyone that disagrees with our perspective on what we will tolerate and what we won’t. We are manifestly intolerant of those that we deem to be intolerant. There, THAT should demonstrate once for all our superior and enlightened stance on tolerance.”

Indeed it does.

Upholding Catholic doctrine doesn’t go over well with the Jesuits. See Pope Francis for further examples.