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Speaker from Cuba Warns Students Democrats Taken Over by Communists

Speaker from Cuba Warns Students Democrats Taken Over by Communists

“the Democrat party no longer exists”

Rafael Dagnesses recently spoke to College Republicans in California and warned students that the Democratic Party has been taken over.

The College Fix reports:

Having fled Cuba, campus speaker warns Democrat Party hijacked by ‘socialist, communist movement’

Rafael Dagnesses was born in Cuba in 1965, and fled the communist country as a young boy with his family after Fidel Castro executed many of his adopted grandfather’s military comrades.

Dagnesses, who has some experience recognizing communism when he sees it, told a room full of College Republicans recently that when he looks at the Democrat Party, he sees socialism and communism.

“I don’t want the Democrat Party to disappear,” said Dagnesses, a Republican who has twice run unsuccessfully for Congress in recent years.

“Balance is good,” he said, “but the Democrat party no longer exists. Rational, middle of the road Democrats have been hijacked by the leftist, socialist, communist movement.”

Dagnesses made the comments as the keynote speaker at a Bruin Republicans meeting at UCLA on Wednesday.

“I don’t quote books,” Dagnesses, a Marine veteran and former police officer, told the students. “I quote reality.”

The title of the talk was “The Failures of Socialism and Why America is Great.”


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Young Americans have simply been spoiled into idiocy and infancy by the left. No accident there.

A war will straighten them out – especially when it seriously affects their material comforts, if not their very lives. (And a war will be coming – it’s part of the human condition. We won’t start it, but we’ll have to finish it. Maybe Colon Pumpernickel or Madam Plastic Cowboy Hat will lead the charge. Or Maxine Waters will be the human bugle – if we teach her some tunes.)

I believe that, collectively, we have enough ammo to settle the situation quite handily, and in short order.