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Socialist Group at Kent State Says Conservative Student Belongs in Gulag

Socialist Group at Kent State Says Conservative Student Belongs in Gulag

“there’s one place you might be going…”

This was apparently supposed to be a joke. Somehow it’s not that funny.

Campus Reform reports:

Socialist group suggests conservative peer belongs in Gulag

A socialist student group at Kent State University recently suggested that a conservative student belongs in a Soviet prison camp for her stance on free speech.

The comment was made after Leandra Westbrook, vice president of the school’s Turning Point USA chapter, defended her organization from a petition designed to stifle free speech.

“Silencing speech is fascism,” she tweeted. “The petition is useless. We aren’t going anywhere.”

The Kent State Socialist Collective (KSSC), a student organization that was formed in 2013, responded to Westbrook by tweeting a map of the Soviet Gulag system and telling her that “there’s one place you might be going…”

According to the group’s Facebook page, the organization “exists to facilitate a sense of understanding and community between those who are interested in socialism and those who are socialists.”

“We stand on the side of the working class, the oppressed, the exploited, and anyone who wishes to create a better world based upon equality, justice, and peace,” the group’s mission statement reads. “The KSSC is a coalition of ideologically diverse students and community members united by a desire to advance the idea of a world beyond capitalism.”


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An appropriate response to that might be “Try it Komrade, and your friends will learn a valuable lesson about the 2nd Amendment.”

Hey Comrades! You want a “world beyond capitalism”? Good news – you don’t have to wait! It’s called DPRK – the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. You can buy a one-way ticket there and experience the glories of life “beyond capitalism.”

Oh, that thing about Otto Warmbier? Nah, don’t worry about that – that was merely a “glitch,” a “statistic.” Don’t worry about the starving hordes who eat grass and rodents to barely survive – they’re just “statistics” or “enemies of the state.” Don’t worry about the re-education camps – they’re only for “enemies of the state,” like those who fail to weep hysterically enough at Dear Leader’s passing, or those who have the audacity to think they deserve electricity 24/7, or those who fail to denounce themselves or others with sufficient rigor, or those who think they need more food than their allotted ration, or those who disagree with Juche, or those who object to being subjected to radios without an on/off switch or real volume control broadcasting 24/7 the glories of Dear Leader, or those who object to being followed by minders at every step, or…..

What’s the problem? Worked out great in Cuba, Venezuela, etc…

What a wonderful opportunity to mercilessly mock these morons!

Turning Point USA should have a campus “teach-in” to ridicule socialism and communism. Show videos of the NoKo worker’s paradise. Show photos from the USSR Gulag. Speak about misery in Socialist Cuba and Venezuela. Distribute summaries from The Black Book of Communism, whose left-wing authors est8mated communism murdered 100 million people in the 20th C. Hurl mockery and ridicule, scorn and contempt on these inhuman ideas and lethal policies and the ignorant, vicious sociopaths who espouse them.. Go on the attack, be bold, defiant. The socialist snowflakes will either curt up into the fetal position, or throw things and try to shut it down. Don’t let it happen. Fight back.
Campus teach-ins were a favorite leftist propaganda tool during the Vietnam war era. Hijack their tools and use them against them.

She should point out the Socialist Collectives are know for sending people to Gulags for because they can’t stand free speech that points out their errors, failings, and idiocy!

There will always be Professors running around with their merry band of socialists on our campuses. Turning Point USA and a few other great groups are beginning to stand against the true fascists on our campuses.

buckeyeminuteman | October 31, 2017 at 11:55 am

Ironic that the same university wherein travelling agitators/protesters were killed by the National Guard for free speech against war is now a university wherein students want to imprison you for standing up for free speech.

Socialists talking about putting conservative into gulags is beyond parody.