Isn’t it interesting how the left has decided which laws they will follow in the age of Trump?

The Daily Caller reports:

Colleges Might Be Ignoring Trump Admin’s Sexual Assault Guidelines

Colleges are ignoring the Trump administration’s sexual assault guidelines, according to a Sunday report.

Statements from college students and administrators suggest that campuses are not abandoning sexual assault policies like the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter on Sexual Violence, according to The Washington Post.

“With the advocacy that we’ve seen and the commitment that institutions have made to their students, they’re not going to let us go backward, even if folks wanted to,” Julian Williams, the compliance, diversity, and ethics vice president at George Mason University, told WaPo. “The cat’s out of the bag a bit here, in terms of this being the expectation that students have when they arrive on campus.”

Rose Pascarell, the school’s vice president for university life, agreed with the sentiment.

Williams called the 2011 Dear Colleague letter a “game changer,” saying that it encouraged colleges to create a “Title IX infrastructure.” But Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rescinded both this letter and a 2014 one in September, arguing that the policies deprived students of their due process rights and implementing interim guidelines while redesigning Title IX regulation.