They must not have anything better to do with themselves in Maine, where a march for racial justice was held at Colby College.

From local news:

“We came out today to march for racial justice,” said Marena Blanchard, organizer from ALCU of Maine. “To talk about a lot of the intersectional issues that are involved with people of color. We came out just to, just to stand in solidarity will all other people here.”

“One of the ways that we battle hate speech is with more speech, and so coming here today, and standing together, and out numbering any other sort of efforts is really important,” said Blanchard. “So, we came out here to just show our numbers.”

“A lot of people do choose to ignore it or deny that it is happening, and so we’re trying to get the discussion happening, and the action happening, more importantly,” said Angie Peterson, co-organizer.

“It’s so important for people to be doing stuff like this,” said marcher Katie LeBlanc. “Protesting and other sorts of social public action is one of the most important things that we could do in our country, as citizens to be proactive, and to help other people who are not treated the same.”

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