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Prof to Sue Marywood U. for Firing Over Nazi Satire Video

Prof to Sue Marywood U. for Firing Over Nazi Satire Video

“seeking back pay and reinstatement”

You know those satirical videos that always start with “Hitler finds out about…” which people share on social media all the time? This professor got fired over one of those.

The Times of Israel reports:

US professor fired over Nazi satire video can proceed with suit

A professor can proceed with his federal lawsuit against a Pennsylvania university that fired him after he posted a satirical video depicting its administrators as Nazis.

The Scranton Times-Tribune reported that Frederick Fagal sued Marywood University in 2014 over his firing two years earlier.

The video spoofed a scene in the 2004 German film “Downfall.” Court documents said Fagal added English subtitles depicting the university’s president and other administrators as Nazis discussing rape plots.

Fagal acknowledged he made the video but argued the university didn’t follow policy by giving him a warning before firing him. He is seeking back pay and reinstatement.

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