She would know. The violent mob sent her to the emergency room that night.

The College Fix reports:

Professor injured in Middlebury riot tells Congress free speech is ‘national security’ issue

A Senate committee tasked with preventing the collapse of the Obamacare exchanges took on another looming crisis Thursday: worsening threats to free speech on college campuses.

The threat is not simply to intellectual diversity on campus, according to the professor who was injured trying to protect a campus speaker from a mob at Middlebury College in March.

“National security depends on” college students learning how to use their words instead of violence to counter offensive speech, Allison Stanger told members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee at its Thursday hearing, in her first government testimony about the incident with libertarian social scientist Charles Murray.

Presumably speaking of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 general election campaign, Stanger said “we must not [allow our enemies] to divide us.”

From Murray at Middlebury to white nationalists in Charlottesville and alt-right leader Richard Spencer at the University of Florida, freedom of even hateful expression must be protected from suppression by violence or other means, senators and free-speech advocates said at the hearing.