This is long overdue and should be adopted by other schools.

The College Fix reports:

New UNC policy would permit the expulsion of free speech disruptors

A new policy under consideration by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors would permit the expulsion of students who “repeatedly disrupt freedom of speech or expression on campus.”

The rule follows the state legislature’s passage of a campus free speech law in August, one which called for colleges to pass sanctions on students who substantially burden free speech on campuses.

An initial draft of the holds that “any student or employee is ‘subject to disciplinary action ranging from counseling, warnings, suspensions and dismissals or expulsions’ if they “engage in misconduct,” according to The Daily Tarheel.

The Fix reported in August on the passage of the free speech law, quoting the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education:

The language of this law is different from laws or bills in other states requiring specific mandatory minimum sanctions for students who materially disrupt the free expression of others. Instead, this law reminds institutions that they have an obligation to take action when people engage in conduct that silences their opponents on campus, while giving institutions the flexibility to evaluate each case in its individual context. This helps to ensure that those who shout down a campus speaker aren’t required to be treated the same as those who physically assault a speaker.