It’s like the Hunger Games. People who live in the city of power get special perks.

The Daily Caller reports:

Student Loan Debt Could Be Forgiven For DC Residents

Up to five years of student loan debt could be forgiven for Washington, D.C. residents, if a bill introduced Tuesday by a council member is passed.

David Grosso, an Independent D.C. council member, proposed that the city pay for five years of worth of loan payments for residents who either individually make less than $75,000 a year or, with their spouse, make less than $95,000 per year, reported The Washington Post.

“I’ve heard from teachers about how hard it is for them to make ends meet because they’re carrying this debt,” Grosso, the Education Committee chairman, told WaPo. “This is something we need to address.”

The councilman intends to manage the program’s expense by compelling participants to enlist in a government income-driven repayment plan.

“We’re making a big push for day-care workers to go back to school,” said Grosso. “I’m trying to make sure they know that we’ve got their back when they complete their education, so they can continue to live in [D.C.] regardless of the debt they might owe.”


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