NBC News thought it had a big scoop when it reported that Vice President Mike Pence had to step in and convince Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not to resign in July after he allegedly called President Donald Trump a ‘moron’.

Tillerson held a press conference this morning to counter these reports and assure everyone that he has never considered leaving his post. The State Department has denied that Tillerson called Trump a moron.

Despite this, the media remains focused on the ‘moron’ comment, which has now evolved from moron to f*cking moron.

Tillerson didn’t deny he made the comment about Trump, but said he won’t get involved in this petty behavior:

Even Pence confirmed that he never had to convince Tillerson to stay on the job:

Media Holding On

So it did not shock me when I saw this email from CNN:

ESCALATE?! Tillerson just held a press conference to refute the NBC report. The media, which is supposed to stick to facts, thinks Tillerson’s refusal to explicitly deny the ‘moron’ comment must mean something more even though he called it ‘petty’.

With their original scoop in shambles the reporter from NBC News is saying that her “source” says Tillerson called Trump a ‘f*cking moron’, not just a ‘moron’.


Media: We’re rolling our eyes at you.