If leftists hate America so much, why don’t they leave? It’s a question that is often asked but not answered.

The Daily Caller reports:

Ithaca College Professor: ‘God Bless America’ Is A ‘Warmongering’ Song

An Ithaca College professor calls the patriotic song “God Bless America” a “warmongering” song inappropriate for sporting events.

In a September 28 op-ed for the Ithacan, professor Stephen Mosher claimed that “expressions of hyper-patriotism” like the national anthem and songs like Irving Berlin’s God Bless America have “changed our ‘philosophy’ about what it means to be an ‘American’.

Mosher, who teaches “sport as political resistance” and “sport and popular culture” for Ithaca College’s Department of Communication Studies, claims that these songs should be banned from sporting events.

“Sporting events don’t need a national anthem,” he claims, adding that following the events of September 11, hyper-patriotism took hold and the song, “God Bless America,” took its place as an unofficial anthem for Americans.

He claims that many of these expressions and demonstrations “serve to minimize what real patriotism looks like,” pointing out that there is no requirement to hold a hand over your heart during the national anthem.

The professor recalls his time as a student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherts, where various events—including “so-called race riots, political assassinations, Olympic protests, and the disastrous Vietnam experience had altered [his] philosophy about the role sport plays in our society.”


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