The left wants high school students prepared for the far left world of college life.

The Daily Caller reports:

Educator: Teachers Should Have Conversations With High Schoolers About Social Justice

An educator said Thursday that teachers should have conversations with high schoolers about social justice issues like race and “systems of power.”

Educator, attorney, and parent Jane Dimyan Ehrenfeld made the remarks in a letter published in The Washington Post.

“We need to support teachers in facilitating dialogues about social justice and systems of power, so that students learn how to discuss and unpack the issues they face in their daily lives,” said Ehrenfeld.

“Our students grow up in a world with systemic racism, inequity, and oppression,” continued the educator. “These issues are a part of their daily lives, and we need to address them in classrooms and in schools.”

Ehrenfeld had her own fourth-grade students engage in a slightly less politically-fraught cause: air conditioning in their school. She took them on a field trip to Washington, D.C., to petition their state representative; their classroom had air conditioning two weeks later.

But Ehrenfeld also wants teachers to tackle more contentious issues.

“Merely allowing protest is not enough,” the educator wrote. “The conversation we need to have goes beyond permitting student action; it is about pushing students to think about the importance of their actions, the power of their voices, and their ability — and responsibility — to stand up against the greatest injustices.”