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Desperate Democrats Go Full Race Card in New Ad for VA Gov Race

Desperate Democrats Go Full Race Card in New Ad for VA Gov Race

“created to show how Gillespie has “eagerly embraced racism and xenophobia”

A new ad for the Virginia governor race shows a man in a truck with a Gillespie sticker and Confederate flag on it, chasing minority children who are running for their lives. Gillespie is the Republican candidate.

What’s being implied in the ad is clear. The driver of the truck is a white Republican man who is trying to kill minority children by running them down.

This screen cap from the ad shows the back of the truck chasing the children. Note the Confederate flag, Gillespie sticker and “Don’t Tread on Me” license plate.

Allahpundit of Hot Air provides some background on the meaning:

As noted on Friday, Gillespie’s advertising lately has taken a turn towards focusing on crime, including and especially MS-13 and sanctuary cities, and the culture-war hot button of removing Confederate statues. The liberal response to that is double-pronged: (1) scream “scaremongering!” (2) scaremonger the hell out of the race themselves by comparing Gillespie repeatedly to a white nationalist tiki-torcher.

Jack Heretik of the Washington Free Beacon has more:

Latino Victory Fund president Cristóbal J. Alex said the ad, which will also air in Spanish, was created to show how Gillespie has “eagerly embraced racism and xenophobia.”

“In a desperate attempt to become Virginia’s next governor, Ed Gillespie has eagerly embraced racism and xenophobia. We refuse to stand by as bullies like Gillespie slander our families, call us ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals,’ and portray hard-working immigrants as a national security threat,” Alex said, according to BlueVirginia. “Ed Gillespie has made it abundantly clear what he thinks of Latinos and immigrants, so on Election Day, our community will make it clear how we feel about him.”

This is not the first time Virginia Democrats have suggested Gillespie and President Donald Trump are tied to white supremacists. Virginia Democrats and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam have attempted to make such a connection in prior ads.

The video is positively vile and divisive. Watch it below:

Here are a few Twitter reactions:

The Real Clear Politics average of polls, gives Democrat candidate Ralph Northam a +3 advantage.

The election is on November 7th.

Featured image via YouTube.


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Of course the people “embracing racism and xenophobia” are Democrats, but we knew that.

I will simply remind the Americans that it was a Bernie-brother who tried to assassinate a good portion of the Republican party, as the press seems to have under-reported the story and this is a good opportunity to remind everyone that it is the Democratic Party members that engage in political violence.

The open contempt that Dems have for the voters is stunning.

    Dejectedhead in reply to TX-rifraph. | October 31, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Been going on for a while too. Remember when Obama’s ad threw grandma off a cliff?

    kenoshamarge in reply to TX-rifraph. | October 31, 2017 at 10:59 am

    Even more stunning to me is that Dem voters don’t recognize the contempt explicit in being subjected to such vile ads. Such ads are condemned by all but are still used because – they work. Some members of the tribe will always believe them.

    If the vote is close enough that’s all it takes.

    And this would be different from the NeverTrumpers and GOPe…. how, exactly?

Leslie… exactly

Despicable fear-mongering.

Write down, never forget the names:
– Latino Victory Fund
– Cristóbal J. Alex

Instead of using make believe stuff, lets show the real thing. How about the Area Homicide rate:

Or how about the highlighting the Vet Suscide rates

an average of 20 Veterans died from suicide each day

I just got my notice of health insurance increase, it went up over $1200. That is $1200 a month increase. That is a over $33,000 annually with a 6500 deductible and 80% pay when I reach my deductible. That does not include dental either. Guess what, I am on the bronze plan!

Since I am right on the edge I don’t get a break. Thanks you RINO’s and Democrats.

“Latino Victory”

Is everyone surprised that a racial supremacist group ran a racist ad?

This is absolutely horrifying. What have these people become? All of you who produced that ad, show it to your mother and ask her what she thinks.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Maryland, a white family visiting Baltimore’s inner harbor from New Jersey were surrounded by a gang of yoots and beaten, for the fun of it. Two of the family members ended up with concussions; the others had various injuries.

Local news reports showed some prior gang attacks on other, unsuspecting whites walking in the same area, and said that this has been happening more frequently. The gangs were composed of black teens.

These minority kids get fed a steady diet of racist claptrap in schools and on t.v. shows (including now, NFL games). They are constantly taught that they are being unfairly targeted, that they are the real victims in this horribly raaaaacist society. And they respond with unprovoked attacks like the one on the New Jersey family, because they feel that they are justified in attacking anyone who is white, because whites have it coming to them.

And now idiot politicians put out hateful ads like this one, further adding fuel to the racial phony-grievance-mongering fire. If these morons keep this up, they’re going to get the race war they’re apparently jonesing for. And they’re not going to like the outcome.

    kenoshamarge in reply to Observer. | October 31, 2017 at 11:01 am

    The hatemongers and fear-mongers will be among those that come to pay for what they have created.

    Just like the fools who created the thugs and bullies on campuses will pay.

    Once you unleash the worst in people you have no control over it.

Nothing but PURE HATE from the left !!!!!!!!!!!

why is anyone surprised by this? The Democrat party has been using the bugaboo of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia since it lost its war against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is nothing new. The only thing that is different is how blatant it is. But, when you are losing the culture war, what do you have to lose?

This ad could do wonders for truck sales.

Lol Tom

4th armored div | October 31, 2017 at 1:25 pm

‘hardworking IMMIGRANTS’ nope INVADERS who use FREE social services etc.

I am an immigrant came here as a baby and became naturalized with my parents in 1955.
my parents had to show an ability to speak and write in ENGLISH – ESL.

I am so fed up with these race hustlers.

    4th armored div in reply to 4th armored div. | October 31, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    meant to write NO ESL no docs printed in 27 languages.
    the only thing which i will grant is sign language for the deaf – in ENGLISH.

    we are being devised by not using ENGLISH only a our national language. I don’t care what you speak at home or to your friends but ENGLISH must be what language is taught in our schools, courts, political ads etc or we are lost as a divided nation.

“The Real Clear Politics average of polls, gives Democrat candidate Ralph Northam a +3 advantage.”

And we all know how accurate those polls are.

Vile, Sick, Hate mongering, *ss Holes!

Slime like this is what we are fighting across the country.


What would be happening if Crooked Hillary was president?

“eagerly embraced racism and xenophobia” a.k.a. diversity

But, diversity is a irreligious/immoral doctrine, that also denies individual dignity.

Reject hate?!! Are they really that blind to their own hatred? That made me want to puke. What has my country become?

Ads like this don’t just happen. Northam saw and approved this, guaranteed.

One point on the RCP average – the only reason it’s +3 is because Quinnipac (such a laughably biased firm I literally don’t know why ANYBODY includes it anymore) has Northam at an absolutely ludicrous +17. Without that in the mix its Northam +1 at RCP.

Which still begs the question – how bad must the internal polls of the campaign be that they would even consider something like this?

Twitter and YouTube have already scrubbed the video of the campaign ad from the provided links. Anyone have a link to a mirror site that still has it?

As Dan Riehl says, this ad just may have won the election for Gillespie.

Because Rednecks only run down minority kids in the fever-swamp that is the ghoulish, soulless, twisted leftist mind.

In the real world if someone is trying to run you down in a pick-up truck it’s almost certainly going to be a Muslim shouting Allahu Ackbar. As we just saw in NYC today.

And these leftist @$$holes want to let in as many such people as possible.

Who’s up for “extreme vetting” and border enforcement?

I wonder how ISIS communicates with these “lone wolves”. Given the timing and the eerie similarity to the NYC attack (he was going to hit a school bus), I can’t help but wonder if there could be a connection. Truck, school kids and bikes, that’s exactly what he did one day later. While I’m sure it is just a coincidence, it is certainly possible this ad somehow inspired him.