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Democrats Now Consulting Psychology Professors to Impeach Trump

Democrats Now Consulting Psychology Professors to Impeach Trump

“mentally unfit for office”

Democrats think if they get enough shrinks to declare Trump crazy, people will believe it.

Campus Reform reports:

Democrats turn to psych profs for dirt on Trump

Democrat leaders from both the House and Senate have reached out to psychology professors over the past several months seeking input on the state of President Trump’s mental health.

In a continued effort to remove Trump from office, Democrats are now attempting to invoke the 25th Amendment by charging that he is mentally unfit for office.

“It’s one thing from my non-professional, non-clinical standpoint [to] believe that someone does not have the capacity to do the job, it’s another thing to talk to experts and [those] who can deal with mental psychosis on a daily basis, so I wanted to hear from them,” Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, told BuzzFeed News.

Others, such as Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson have supported Speier’s efforts, calling Trump a “sick man,” while California Senate Candidate Tom Steyer’s ad campaign features a call for Trump’s impeachment on the grounds that he is “mentally unstable.”

Additionally, Bandy Lee, a Yale Psychology professor, claims to have been contacted by at least a handful of lawmakers from both the House and Senate for her assessment of Trump, though she wouldn’t reveal any names.


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So if someone thinks and acts different than you would they are now mentally unstable? Can we declare ALL of the Democrats mentally unstable?

Democrats are now attempting to invoke the 25th Amendment

Um, they can’t. The 25th amendment can only be invoked by the vice president and the majority of the cabinet. All of whom are Republicans.

And you can’t impeach a president for mere incompetence; you have to allege that he did something that a House majority is willing to call a high crime or misdemeanor. There’s no restriction on what that act might be, but it has to be something he did, not something he is.

Rep. Jackie Speier should acquaint herself with the thoroughly dishonorable history of using psychiatry as a political tool.

Even Before Trump burst into the political consciousness, I was at a social gathering of SF politicos, attorneys and judges. All of course were Democrats but being a quasi-legal social event it was open to anyone in the legal profession. Then in walked a very brave soul, the then Chairman of the SF Republican Party.

Suddenly, this group of mostly middle aged white men and a sparse sprinkling of women began loudly mocking, and belittling in every way possible this lone Republican. Among the loudest were some close friends with whom I had worked with closely in the past. I would never have suspected they could debase themselves with such childish and immature behavior. They all went to law school but never left. Jr. High.